Now SMS is a very effective way of direct communication. People always check their SMS quickly It has the power to create instant response.

Directly reach to the targeted people. Lowest cost and highest benefit.

Bulk SMS

At the heart of a SMS marketing campaign is the ability to send sms messages in bulk to your subscribers. Send to a group or groups at once.

SMS Contests

Engage and reward customer by creating SMS contest. People enter your contest via text message and the system randomly pick and winner.

Bulk SMS Scheduling

Have full control of when your SMS message get sent out. Schedule them at any date and tome and view what is in the schedule queue.

Voice mail

Receive voice mails. Either listen or even read them directly from your account.since we transcribe those.

Campaign Analysis

Trak your campaign and take a look into which keywords are performing the best, SMS ligs, new subscribers and unsubscribes.

Mobile Page Builder

Create your own mobile web pages with video, image or any HTML and then send those page URLs to your list.

Pollong/Text to Vote

Create pool to collect valuable information and as another way to keep your subscribers engaged and interested in what you have to offer.

Auto Responders

After a person joins your subscriber list, vote in a pool, or inter a contest, automatically send them a custom message back.

Contact Management

Manage and import your contacts, collect a directory of personal and professional contacts and engage your audience for sales.

The Bulk SMS Advantage

  • We cover over 1100 networks globally
  • High reliability and capacity
  • No hidden, monthly, or setup costs
  • SMS Message history with status reports
  • Scheduling of messages
  • Outstanding support

Internet based SMS messaging

SENDSMSBD provides solutions to send and receive SMS messages using the Internet:

  • BulkSMS’s Desktop Software
  • The BulkSMS Web site
  • Your Email Software
  • Your Mobile
  • One of BulkSMS’s API’s
The BulkSMS application programming is easy to integrate, making it the best choice for developers and your company to SMS enable your own systems.
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